From Louisville with Love Heaven Hills Straight Corn Whiskey

Berry Brothers and Rudd selection
Published on Wednesday, 18 August 2021
By Drew and Mandee
This is a nine-year-old bottle of Straight Corn Whiskey from Heaven Hill, bought and brought over the pond to be bottled by Berry Brothers and Rudd in London.

You can’t explore the wonderful world of whiskey and bourbon without talking about Heaven Hill. Founded in Bardstown, Kentucky in 1935, where all Master Distillers (since its founding) have been members of the Beam family. Heaven Hill created Evan Williams and Elijah Craig bourbon. Heaven Hill is synonymous with good bourbon.

But this is not a bourbon, but a corn whiskey stored in a non-charred barrel before being bottled by London-based Berry Brothers and Rudd. At nine-years-old it’s considered the perfect ‘sweet spot’ age for corn whiskey.

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Stats: 9 year old, 47.9% alc/vol, straight corn whiskey, 70cl.

Nose: Corn, wood, vanilla, nutmeg, cloves and raisins.

Taste: A strong corn alcoholic taste infused with warm spices and zesty marmalade.

Finish: This one sits on the back of your tongue, warms your throat and leaves that sweet corn alcoholic taste lingering. If you aren’t used to strong whiskey, they have toned this one down for English pallets, but it has a bit of a kick to it.

Do we give a dram? Heavens to Betsy, yes! Berry Brothers have certainly picked up a good barrel in this one.

Score: 5/5