Old Dog Corn Liquor by Henstone Distillery

Sippin' on Award-Winning Shropshire History
Published on Tuesday, 12 September 2023
By Drew

When you want to kick back and enjoy a glass of corn liquor, you're not just drinking a spirit; you're sipping on a piece of history. Enter stage right, "Old Dog Corn Liquor" by Henstone Distillery, a liquid ode to the days of Appalachian moonshining. In this review, we're about to embark on a journey through the hills and hollers of corn country, all from the comfort of your own home.

Origin of the Name

Now, let's address the elephant in the room – the name. 'Old Dog' isn't a reference to your furry four-legged companion. It actually comes from a local coal mine shaft in the Morda valley. Can you imagine miners down there having a sip of this corny delight during their lunch breaks? Probably not, but it's a quirky nod to the region's history that we can appreciate.


Old Dog Corn Liquor doesn't come in a fancy, flashy bottle that screams, "Look at me!" Instead, it arrives in a humble glass container, as if it's whispering, "Let's keep it simple, folks." The label design is charming in its simplicity, conjuring images of moonshiners working their magic under the moonlight. It's clear that Henstone Distillery takes pride in their roots, and that pride shines through in their packaging.


Pop that cap, and you're hit with a scent that's like a cornucopia of sweet corn, a smidge of vanilla, and just a hint of oak. It's like sticking your nose into a freshly harvested cornfield on a warm summer's day – minus the sunburn and mosquito bites. Just remember, this isn't bourbon, so don't expect a faceful of smoky complexity. It's all about that pure, unadulterated corniness.


Take your first sip, and you're in for a ride on the corn express. It's like getting a big, juicy bite of corn on the cob at a summer barbecue. If you were expecting the usual bourbon dance of smoky complexity, you're in for a surprise. Old Dog Corn Liquor keeps it real – real corny, that is. It's so straightforward and unpretentious that you'll wonder why you ever drank anything else.

The finish? Smooth and clean, with a mild warmth that sticks around for a while. It's like the lingering memory of a good laugh shared with friends around a campfire. Not too overpowering, just a gentle reminder that you're sipping on something special.

Award-Winning Tradition

But wait, there's more! Old Dog Corn Liquor isn't just a taste of tradition; it's a taste of award-winning tradition. This corny concoction proudly earned a Silver Medal at the London Spirits Competition in 2022, proving that it's not just any old moonshine. It's a spirit that's been recognized for its excellence and quality on the international stage.


While you can definitely sip Old Dog Corn Liquor neat, don't be shy about playing mixologist. It plays nicely with others, so whip up a classic Old Fashioned or a corn liquor sour for a twist on tradition. Its simplicity means it can buddy up with a variety of mixers and ingredients, making it a versatile addition to your liquor cabinet.


In a world overrun by bourbon and whiskey snobs, Old Dog Corn Liquor by Henstone Distillery is a breath of fresh English air. It's a tip of the hat to moonshiners and their craft, a nod to simpler times. So whether you're a seasoned moonshine maven or just curious to try something different, Old Dog Corn Liquor is a spirit that deserves your attention.

Next time you're feeling adventurous, grab a bottle of Old Dog Corn Liquor, pour yourself a glass, and toast to the spirit of Appalachia. It's like sippin' on a slice of history, courtesy of Henstone Distillery.

Henstone Distillery Website - Go ahead, check it out, and let the corny adventure begin!