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Missouri Ridge Single Barrel Bourbon
Published on Thursday, 19 August 2021
By Drew and Mandee
Missouri Ridge Distillery Bourbon, bottled by Coastal distillery.

This beautifully created bourbon was created by master distiller M. Greg Pope of Missouri Ridge Distillery and bottled in the UK by Coastal Distillery. Costal Distillery is worth checking out, as they are also great distillers in their own right. We love the label and marketing and have to give a shout out to the label designers Ginger Monkey.

Mr Pope uses a century-old family recipe to craft an award-winning whiskey that has created a smoothly mellow and very drinkable Bourbon.

Give A Dram-o-meter Score:

Stats: 47% Alc/vol, 375 day aged, 70cl bottle

Nose: There are bags of smells going on with sweet caramel, vanilla apple notes and a light wood scent.

Taste: It delivers everything it promises. It bounces around the pallet, gently warming and well rounded.

Finish: Sweet caramel after-taste

It doesn’t knock your socks off. It’s a polite bourbon that is truly morish and will have you reaching for another sip. Do we give a dram? Definitely!

Score: 5/5