Smoking hot MGP

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Published on Wednesday, 25 August 2021
By Mandee
Viva Las Vegas Baby! This week we head to Sin City with a smoking hot bottle from Nevada H&C Distilling Company. Hang on to your hats, y’all we are trying some Smoke Wagon Bourbon. A high rolling, high rye mash blend, distributed in one of our prettiest bottles so far!

They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… Well, we are pretty darn excited that Nevada H&C Distilling Company shared their multi-award-wining Smoke Wagon Bourbon with the world - and distribute to the UK!

Originating in Indiana before being sent to the kind folks at H&C, where it’s baked in the desert without being rotated or chilled to ensure a silky smooth, sweet creamy bourbon.

We were lucky enough to get our hands on two bottles, the Small Batch and a bottle of the Uncut and Unfiltered, which we will review soon - watch this space!

You know we like a pretty bottle, and this bottle is a work of art. It’s embossed in wild sage flowers and wax seal reading ‘Bibamus Moriendum Est’ - the Roman battle cry for “Death is inevitable, let us drink”

This is a high rolling, high rye mash blend that is truly delightful and way too morish. It’s no surprise, we really like this one… a lot!

Give A Dram-o-meter Score:

Stats: no age statement, 50% alc/vol, high rye bourbon, 70cl.

Nose: Bold voluptuous medley of meadow hay, teamed with honey nut notes and toffee apple pie.

Taste: It’s an explosion of sweet caramel, oak followed by a peppery spice and hints of sweet tobacco. It well rounded as it moves around the pallet and warms your throat.

Finish: Smooth, bold and rich, leaving a taste of zesty citrus, wood and alcohol.

Do we give a dram? Hell yeah, and we can’t wait to have more!

Score: 11/10 (Barrels!!!)