Yarm Distillery First Release

A new kid on the block has released a single malt whisky and we got our hands on a bottle
Published on Monday, 18 September 2023
By Drew

Yarm whisky first release single malt

Unveiling the Craft of Yarm Distillery: A Firsthand Look at Their Inaugural Whisky Release

In the world of whisky, the thrill of discovery is as intoxicating as the spirits themselves. It's a realm where tradition meets innovation, and every new release is a story bottled up, waiting to be told. Today, we're turning the spotlight on a fresh face in the whisky landscape: Yarm Distillery. With the unveiling of their first single malt whisky, this newcomer is already making waves in the English whisky scene.

On a crisp September morning, we had the pleasure of unboxing this much-anticipated release. As we carefully peeled back the layers of packaging, the anticipation grew. What craftsmanship would this bottle hold? How would the distillery's vision translate into taste? These questions and more swirled around as we prepared to pour the first dram.

Join us as we share our unboxing experience, offering you a glimpse into the passion and precision that Yarm Distillery has poured into their debut offering. Whether you're a seasoned whisky enthusiast or new to the world of single malts, there's something undeniably exciting about witnessing the birth of a new classic. So, let's raise a glass to discovery and dive into the heart of Yarm Distillery's first whisky release.

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Here's the YouTube unboxing short:

Yarm Distillery first whisky release